There is always a question that invades the curiosity of many travelers. What is the best season to visit a destination? This question can have several answers. But, if your destination is the North Coast, you have one simple answer: All year round!

Moreover, we are aware that everyone has different demands. With the purpose of meeting those expectations, we conducted a rigorous investigation. This way we will be able to provide you with more specific recommendations.

For which, we have taken into account the following perspectives:

  1. Weather
  2. Flights
  3. Hotels
  4. Major Events

The North Coast has it all. A proof of this is in the high number of foreigners who visit this destination more than once. As well as others who decide to retire in this piece of paradise.


Enjoying a nice sunset or sunrise at a nice Dominican beach sounds very exhilarating. The weather seems to be one of the most important elements of everyone’s vacation. An attractive feature of the Dominican Republic is its delightful weather, called by many “The Endless Summer”. Taking into account the latest events, we dare to say that the North Coast is a privileged zone. Its majestic mountain range has served as protection against hurricanes in many occasions.

The hottest months seem to be June through September. You can experience temperatures up to 90 °F. Nevertheless, do not get disappointed, if you are traveling on different dates. The rest of the year, the variation is minimal. All year round the North Coast offers a perfect weather for your beach vacation.

If you would like to learn more about nice beaches on the North Coast, please click on the link below:

The rain is a little bit harder to predict. As you may know, we have unpredictable tropical weather. The National Meteorological Agency ONAMET has measured higher precipitation from November through January.

If you are looking for the hottest temperatures, then July and August will be ideal for you. Otherwise, you can enjoy drier temperatures, during February and April. Other tourists prefer December, as they can enjoy a pleasant Christmas vacation.

So, it is all going to depend on what you are expecting from your vacation. Based on the opinion of many tourists, they have all enjoyed their stay, no matter the season.

Flights to the North Coast

Flights go up and down on prices and availability. Prices will depend on which season you book your flight. At Puerto Plata Airport, we have two seasons: High season and low season. You can enjoy attractive offers during the low season. However, this is when there are fewer flights operating.

  • High season: December through April (North American tourists). Also known as the peak season, here is when flight fares tend to be more expensive.
  • Low season: May through November. The peak crowds and flight fares decrease. Best season to find attractive flight deals.


It is important to highlight that hotels receive other guests who don’t travel by plane. For example, Cruise guests and Dominican guests.
Hotels will have the same seasons with some minimal variations. In that matter, we are going to mention the same two seasons. Within the low season, we will have an extra subdivision.

  • High season: December through the beginning of April. Most hotels receive a high flow of tourists, especially from Canada. With regards to the cruise ships, a percentage of its guest’s book day passes at hotels. Every year December receives the highest amount of cruises. In fact, Amber Cove Port is expecting 29 cruises in December.
  • Low season: April and May, then August through November. This season is ideal for those looking for a very quiet stay. As a bonus, you will enjoy very attractive rates.
  • Season for local hotel guests. This is when Dominican school holidays are on: Mid-June through Mid-August. During this period, hotels will offer special packages for local families and groups. In these months there is a high occupancy Friday through Sunday. This gives you an opportunity to experience the Dominican culture inside the hotels.

Major Events

  • Dominican Carnival: Every year, each province celebrates the Dominican Carnival. The Boulevard of Puerto Plata becomes the host of the carnival parades. You can enjoy these celebrations every Sunday of February.
  • Humpback Whale Watching: December through March. This is when thousands of whales travel to the bay of Samaná, one of the best places for whale watching worldwide. You can drive from Puerto Plata or other surrounding areas.
  • Dominican Jazz Festival: From October 26th to November 3rd. It is the longest-running jazz event in the country. Hosts GRAMMY Award-Winning Musicians and Jazz Legends in free concerts. Is celebrated on the North Coast and Punta Cana recognizing music and culture.
  • Cabarete Kite Festival: Celebrated in July. This is an event of water sports, awareness of the ocean, and entrepreneurship. It is a week full of business networks, surf sessions, sunset music on the beach and epic kite boarding. As part of the festival, the best kite boarders in the world will lead professional clinics. Also, special guests will share knowledge on health, sports and ocean conservation issues.

In case you want to go on your own to each of these events we recommend you to rent a car, if you want to know how please visit our ebook ‘HOW TO RENT A CAR IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC’ to learn how you can do this process without much hassle.

The province of Puerto Plata offers something special and unique all year round. Each season has something to offer. Furthermore, decide when would be best for you to visit us. Experience your dream vacation or even better come and live here.

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