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The high season usually starts in October on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Travelers from all over the world, but mostly from the USA and Canada, come to this Caribbean island to escape the cold weather in their home country. Some of them come for a quick getaway just to recharge their batteries. Whereas others come for a longer term to spend several months or even move here. But all of them are united by the common affection towards the island. All those people have different reasons why they choose the Dominican Republic as the preferred destination. And this article will explain you some of these reasons.

Low cost of living

Real estate and health care are 1/3rd the cost compared to other Caribbean areas or major cities in the world. Transportation, home services like cleaning and cooking all cost less than in Europe or North America. Besides, in the land of endless summer you will not have to buy different clothes for every season. Warm winters require less energy consumption.

Social life

As there are so many visitors from different countries, you will most certainly make lifelong friends and enjoy experiencing new cultures. Moreover, numerous cultural events are available to any taste and preference including fiery Latin rhythms, theater or shows, casinos and parties all night long. You can read one of our recent articles on how exciting and rich in events the cultural life on the North Coast can be. We also have a regular column on our Facebook page with the weekend activities guide. Every Friday, we post different events, concerts, shows that will take place over the weekend. Besides, Dominicans are the friendliest and most open people you would ever meet.

Amazing climate and nature

The Caribbean climate doesn’t need comments and praise. Its endless summers, continuous breezes and balmy tropical weather are the major reasons why many expats find the Dominican Republic so attractive. Besides, you will find here some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The below image shows the Sosua main beach situated just 5 minutes away from Dream City. Apart from the numerous stunning beaches, the country has breathtaking mountains among which the Pico Duarte. It’s the highest peak of the Caribbean region and a place where you can experience below zero temperatures in winter. Isn’t it amazing to have this fascinating diversity within one small country?

Sosua Charamicos beach

Sosua Charamicos beach

Healthy life

The Dominican Republic can also offer stress-free life with clean air and chemical-free food. Fresh and good quality meat, fish, fruit and vegetables that cost an arm and a leg in your home country can be bought here for an attractive price. This also makes the country an ideal retirement destination. Furthermore, some of exotic fruits growing on the island are believed to be effective anticancer products.


Living in the Dominican Republic never gets boring thanks to a vast choice of attractions and sports activities. You can try water sports like surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Or you can give your preference to activities practiced on the ground. Those include horseback riding, 4 wheeling, mountain climbing and cycling. Check our activities guide to learn all the spectrum. If you are a golf fan, you can choose a regular golf or a miniature golf (click here to know the difference). The Dream City Phase I will have a golf center with a mini golf, putting green and pitch-and-putt. Moreover, places like Monkey Jungle, Ocean World and Puerto Plata Cable Car will add more places to your must-visit list.

Safety and security

Dream City will ensure a fully effective onsite security that will guarantee safety to all visitors. Moreover, the local authorities care about the tourist’s safety. There is even specialized tourist police (CESTUR) whose job is to protect travelers and address any safety issue they may face during their stay. Some international studies have actually shown that many areas in the Caribbean, US and Europe have crime statistics that exceed the Dominican ones. Anyway, there are certain common sense recommendations to follow such as, for example, not leaving valuables unattended and avoiding areas with poor lighting.

Easy residency process

The Dominican government is very flexible in making the life of tourists easier. Most visitors don’t need to get a visa to enter the Dominican territory. As of April 2018, the tourist card fee equal to US$10 is already applied to airfares. This tourist card gives you the right to stay in the country for up to 30 days. If you plan to spend more time in the country, you may apply for residency. You can read all about getting the Dominican residency in our free eBook. It explains all the steps of the process, documents you may need and level of income you may need to show.

Besides, the North Coast of the Dominican Republic where Dream City is situated can be considered a hurricane resistant region. The Mona passage, reef coastline and the mountains in the center of the island helped to keep the worst hurricanes of the last season far enough from the North region. Read our article for more explanation.

So as you can see, the Dominican Republic is actually a dream place to move to. Make some day today and claim your piece of paradise today!! Sign up for our newsletter to get timely updates on the Dream City project that can become your ideal home in paradise.

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