Cuisine on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic is defined by the richness of the culture and a variety of ingredients that nature provides. So it is no surprise that many restaurants located in the Puerto Plata area are defined by the diversity of ingredients and considered to be the very best in the country. 

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Three places you must try when you visit Puerto Plata. 

All of them offer high-quality menus with no boundaries and offers one of a kind experience. You can get to these restaurants by car. If you need to rent one  we have the eBook perfect for you: “HOW TO RENT A CAR IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.” 



Tee Off

The Foodie Experience: Tee Off

This restaurant inside the Playa Dorada complex was built in only 12 days in 2018 (amazing!). Their menu is a fusion of tropical flavors notably inspired by Italian and Asian cuisine.

Their executive chef is Bismarck Abud, who has traveled to Europe, Asia, and the US to learn their cuisine. Chef Bismarck has gained vast experience from working in Michelin Stars restaurants. 

Their dishes often change regularly. It is typical for them to offer unique dishes every weekend, depending on the ingredients of the season.

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Le Papillon

The Foodie Experience: Le Papillon

One of the all-time favorites in the Puerto Plata region. Their name means “The Butterfly,” and this defines the spirit of Thomas Ackermann, Executive Chef, and owner of this restaurant.

The story goes that after many years of working in the restaurant business in Germany, Switzerland, as well as duties aboard a world-wide cruise line, Chef Ackermann fell in love with DR. 

For 30 years, Chef Ackermann has maintained this restaurant famous for its dishes and eccentric decorations.

The cuisine is German-inspired, and their quality is second to none. Le Papillon is proud to support the use of local seafood stock to produce dishes defined by their freshness, exquisite taste, and creativity.

If you want to know more, you can visit their Tripadvisor page by clicking here.



Los Tres Cocos

The Foodie Experience: Los 3 Cocos

This restaurant is in the Cofresi area, and it has an exceptional reputation as the best Caribbean menu in the region.

One of the things they are well known for is the freshness of their ingredients. Every day they produce dishes based on what local fishermen catch, and they present it in a way that enhances the senses of its visitors.

The only thing close to the quality of their dishes is how warm and welcoming the staff are to their diners. Everyone is treated the Dominican way – with a smile and care to lure them to come back.

If you want to know more, you can visit their Tripadvisor page by clicking here.


And with that, we finish our post of restaurants you must go when you visit Puerto Plata. There are also other restaurant gems on the North Coast of DR, click here to find out more.

We plan to continue giving you the best options of where you can find the best of the best cuisine in this area. So follow us on our social media for more fabulous foodie experience.

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