Sosua Secret Cultural Places

Vacationing in Sosua or Cabarete is never boring. There is a whole world of different activities for everyone available in the area. But today we would like to help you discover some less-known places of Sosua. Most tourists are not familiar with them so you can be sure not to run into noisy crowds. But it’s certain that you will get unforgettable experience that will enrich your time here.

Jewish Museum

The Dominican Republic was the only country in the world that agreed to accept large numbers of Jewish immigrants when the Nazi regime started to persecute them in Germany. The Trujillo government offered land use and settlement. So the small coastal village of Sosua became the place where these immigrants settled and started their new life. The Jewish Museum located in the heart of Sosua conserves extraordinary information about this piece of the Dominican history. Prior to visiting the museum, we suggest reading some introduction information on this page.

Casa de Arte

It is a small but charming art gallery situated in the Batey area, right in front of the Casino building on the way to the fascinating Sosua beach. The gallery organizes frequent exhibitions and art shows providing space for local artists and talents. So if you want to take home a truly Caribbean piece of art, this is the place to go. Besides, the center offers educational workshops in different areas of art and culture, such as dance, visual arts, photo, cinema and sculpture.

Mundo King

This castle-museum is an extraordinary and controversial five-store art gallery. The building itself impresses with its intriguing facade of towers and alien writings. But you will need to enter the building to discover the most bizarre of this place. It is full of numerous statues, paintings and handmade pieces of furniture. The general theme of the exhibition is aliens and apocalypse. That’s why some pieces are not safe for children. It’s better if you visit the place without children if it’s possible. When you reach the rooftop of Mundo King, you can enjoy a spectacular view over the Sosua Bay and Atlantic ocean.

Sosua in Colors

This is a relatively new urban art project being developed in Sosua Abajo. Its main goal is to paint colorful murals on the buildings alongside the road and transform the street into an outdoors art gallery. This way all tourists coming to Sosua from Puerto Plata or the airport will be welcomed by the bright, vibrant Caribbean- style murals. Some of the murals are inspired by the history of Sosua like, for example, the Jewish immigration. So by visiting the murals, you will definitely learn something new about the town, Dominican art and culture. You can also check the project’s website and follow them on social media where they post amazing stories about daily artists work and progress.

Hispaniola Diners Club

We can’t deny that gastronomy is also a part of art and culture. Thus, we would like to recommend Hispaniola Diners Club where you can enjoy the best of the Sosua culinary offerings. At the same time you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Sosua history through a series of historical photos placed on the walls. A picturesque view over the town will add charm to the setting.

We hope that these 5 Sosua secret cultural places will help to make your vacation unforgettable and exciting. Besides, we would also like to announce that Dream City will have a big cultural center that will let all visitors learn more about the Dominican Republic culture and art. Click our Dream City Cultural Center page to get more details. And don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

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