So you are enjoying your time on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. You are going to its beautiful beaches every day and engage in numerous activities available in the area. But eventually during the day you need to decide where to go to have a lunch or dinner. Since cooking is not an option on vacation, Tripadvisor comes in very handy. But there are some amazing hidden restaurants in Sosua, Cabarete and Puerto Plata that most tourists don’t know about. Tripadvisor may feature them but on low positions in the ranking because of a small number of reviews. So you will most likely not consider them as a place worth your visit.

That’s why we decided to compile this short list of 7 secret restaurants in the Dream City area that should be in your bucket list. They are not elegant or fine style places for a high cuisine dining. On the contrary, they are very peculiar and authentic but at the same time offering delicious food that will amaze you despite their simplistic setting. The owners of these restaurants, concentrated more on the quality of food and personalized attention, don’t usually pay social media promotion. That explains why you won’t find many mentions on the Internet. So this article will help you discover these secret jewels.

Michael’s Stone Restaurant

To begin with, this restaurant is situated in Los Charamicos area of Sosua where it’s very rare to spot a foreign person. It’s sheltered on a cliff overlooking the fascinating Sosua Bay and offering a picturesque view. Despite its oceanfront position, the latest hurricanes Irma and Maria didn’t do much harm to it. And the restaurant continued offering big delicious seafood and meat dishes for very moderate prices. It’s run by a Dominican family who has been living in Sosua for many decades in a small house just across the street.

Michael's Stone Restaurant Sosua

Wilson’s La Boca Bar and Restaurant

This enchanting place is a little bit difficult to find. It is situated in La Boca between Cabarete and Sabaneta where the river Yasica flows into the ocean. It is recommended to go there in a big vehicle or SUV because you will have to cross sandy parts of land. When you arrive at the river mouth, a small boat will be waiting for you to take you to the other side of the river. The restaurant’s menu includes all kinds of seafood prepared on the grill with firewood fire in the best Dominican cuisine traditions. There is also a bar with traditional pina colada, coconut water and coco loco to sip while your food is being prepared. And local kitesurfers will provide a free entertainment.


Blue Moon

This particular one is a truly hidden treasure. It is located in about 20 minutes from Cabarete in the mountains overlooking the North Coast. Blue Moon is an absolutely unique restaurant offering a fusion of the Indian and Caribbean cuisines. There is a minimum of 8 people required to reserve a Dinner Party. Food is served on banana leaves while you sit on mattresses and cushions eating with your hands and enjoying the dishes the traditional Indian way. A spectacular sunset in the mountain with palm tree views will make this dinner event unforgettable.


El Molino de la Cumbre

Following the Jamao Highway up the mountains, you will eventually arrive to a small village with this spectacular restaurant. It’s especially popular with the residents of Santiago who come here for a dinner over the weekend to get some fresh and chilly mountain air. But the most amazing thing that the place offers is a view over the Cibao valley. You won’t be able to resist its magnetic power that will make you want to stay there forever. Besides, it’s a great place to discover another side of the Dominican Republic geography.


Cabarete Chinese Restaurant

Back to the coast, and here we can find an absolutely inconspicuous small Chinese restaurant situated on the main street of Cabarete. Despite its central location, you have all the chances to pass it without noticing because it doesn’t have a big entrance sign nor luxurious setting. But if you take the plunge and order something from the Chinese menu adapted to the Dominican Republic, you will be truly amazed. The moderate prices of the abundant dishes will close the deal.


Casa 40

Let’s head to Puerto Plata which is commonly referred to as La Novia del Atlantico (The Bride of the Atlantic). After exploring its Victorian style center, you may want to sit down in the shadow, relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. So Casa 40 is the place. It will impress you right away with its colonial style architecture and then with all cute tiny details that the owners have carefully thought out. Besides its tasty and original menu, the venue boasts a handicraft market where you can find genius Dominican accessories.



To close our list of 7 hidden restaurants in the Dream City area, we would like to recommend you to visit Maimon, a fishing village on the road from Puerto Plata to Santiago. There are many small Dominican restaurants, called comedor or paradas in Spanish, where you can taste the freshest and probably cheapest seafood. They get really crowdy over the weekend when Santiago residents head to or from Sosua. But it’s the best place to try a traditional wholy fried fish with garlic and butter sauce.


We hope that these 7 secret places will help to experience unforgettable dining moments. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you find more hidden jewels and would like to share them with us.

Castle Club

If you’ve read that far, we have a special reward for you. This gorgeous property is situated on the Jamao road just like the aforementioned Blue Moon restaurant. Their owners, a wonderful retired couple, offer a fine dining experience for small groups and also welcome wedding celebrations. The menu will surprise the most avid foodies. Most products are organic and grown in their own garden at the backyard. That adds a special natural flavor and taste to all food. That’s why even the coffee tastes much better and a way different from other popular Dominican coffee brands like Santo Domingo. Given the location on top of a hill, the property offers spectacular views over sublime tropical palm trees. It’s a perfect place for small birthday or family dinners which you’ll remember for a long time. And if you’re asked for dessert preferences, choose their chocolate mousse. You will thank us later;)


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