What is Sosua in Colors?

Sosua is an extremely beautiful town on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. That’s why it was chosen as a place where Dream City will grow and develop. The very first community that you will see on your way from the International Gregorio Luperon Airport is called Sosua Abajo. Some of the houses here currently need a renovation and reconstruction. As it makes an important part of Dream City area, we decided to support the artistic project Sosua in Colors.

Its main objective is the recovery of the public place and providing a new urban artistic image to the buildings of Sosua Abajo community. Sosua in Colors will totally transform the image of that community with the help of urban arts, artists and people. Moreover, giving the local residents the chance to be creative will help them understand the personal responsibility in improving the home town. Besides, the colorfully painted buildings will attract more tourists who will be happy to stop by and take pictures.

When Does It Start?

Yesterday Anaeliza Montas, one of our architects, with the support of the Mayor Ilana Neumann presented the project to the representatives of the community Sosua Abajo. It was explained that Sosua in Colors artistic team will discuss the design with every owner of the house and business on an individual basis. The owners will have the chance to decide what they want to paint on their walls. Some main themes and examples were suggested.

Tropical theme Sosua in Colors

Tropical theme Sosua in Colors project

Sosua in Colors, Sosua Abajo

Multiculturalism and music theme, Sosua in Colors theme

The idea was welcomed with great enthusiasm and support. So the approximate date for the initiation of the project was set for February 15. Though many representatives were so excited and happy to start as soon as possible.

This coming Saturday, December 2, our architects will meet with one artistic group, named Red de gestores culturales independientes. Besides, Bernhard Tietz, one of the project’s ideologists will also accompany them. They will discuss possible collaboration and the group’s artistic guidance of the project. Moreover, there can be no better chance to know more about Sosua than this weekend. As you may know, the City Hall organizes the Multicultural Festival of Sosua this weekend.  We hope that the artists will fall in love with this wonderful town and we can start the project even earlier than it was decided at the presentation.

Check our Facebook page to find out what the community’s representatives said about the project and follow it to know how Sosua in Colors will develop.

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