If you’ve visited the Dominican Republic and have considered moving there, we’ve put together an easy step-by-step process below for you to follow.
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The Dominican Republic has always attracted many travelers and tourists thanks to its white sandy beaches, sunny weather and welcoming people. Many tourists after visiting the country for the first time fall in love with it and decide to move here. And the Dominican government is very flexible and helpful in this sense. It offers an easy and transparent process for all foreigners to get a permanent residency and make their vacations last forever.

Needless to say, tourists entering the country for vacations do not need any visa. They just buy a US $10 tourist card at the airport which gives them the right to stay in the country for 60 days. Those who plan on staying to live for a longer period will need to go through a residency process.

The regularization process starts in the applicant’s country of origin. The person needs to get a residency visa first in the Dominican Republic Embassy in their country or in the nearest country where the Dominican diplomatic mission is based.

There are 3 main categories of applicants that can qualify for this type of visa:

  • Relatives or dependents of a Dominican citizen;
  • Investors (Law 171-07);
  • Retired people or rentiers according to the Law 171-07.

The applicant is required to prepare the following set of documents:

  • Visa application form;
  • Application letter;
  • 1 frontal photo on white background, size 5×5 cm;
  • Passport valid for at least 18 months;
  • Translated (if not in Spanish), legalized and apostilled Birth certificate;
  • Translated (if not in Spanish), legalized and apostilled Certificate of good conduct from police;
  • Translated (if not in Spanish) and legalized lab tests (HIV, drug test) and medical certificate stating that the applicant doesn’t have contagious diseases;
  • Bank statements for the last three months or any other type of document that can show economic solvency of the applicant (property titles, vehicle registration, certificate of employment);
  • Notarized and legalized in the Dominican Republic Attorney General’s Office Guarantee letter assuming moral and economic responsibility for returning the applicant back to their country of origin once the authorized residency period expires;
  • Documents according to the applicant category mentioned above: apostilled marriage certificate or birth certificate/ legalized and apostilled investor certificate from Export and Investment Center of the Dominican Republic for investor applicants/legalized and apostilled pension certificate showing the minimum monthly income of US $1500 for retired applicants/ legalized rentier papers showing the minimum monthly income of US $2000 for rentier applicants. If the applicant is a missionary or a member of a NGO, he will need a letter confirming the status from the corresponding organization.       

Once the residency visa is issued, the applicant has 60 days to arrive to the Dominican Republic and initiate the second part of the provisional residency process within 30 days after the arrival date. The foreign national first applies for provisional residency which is renewed on a yearly basis for 4 consecutive years. After 4 years the person will qualify to apply for permanent residency valid for 4 years.

To apply for provisional residency, the foreign national needs to file an electronic request on the website of the Dominican Republic Migration office. He needs to attach jpg files of the passport, residency visa, certificate of good conduct, birth certificate, insurance policy, documents according to the applicant category to the electronic file.

Once the Migration office receives the request and approves it, the applicant needs to present the originals of the filed documents, medical test certification performed by the Immigration Department and residency tax payment confirmation. After the Migration officer receives all the documents, the applicant gets a document receipt form. The residency card is normally issued within 3 months after the original documents are filed.