According to the information provided by the Association of the Dominican Tourism Press, three international airlines and two tour operators from Germany, Switzerland and Russia announced agreements to increase the arrival of tourists to Puerto Plata starting from this summer, at a minimum percentage of 10%.

The five companies agreed with the Ministry of Tourism on new flights and more operations from Germany, Russia and Switzerland which may result in an increase in visitors from 2019. The negotiations took place last week at the European tourism trade fair ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin). The Deputy Tourism Minister Fausto Fernández, accompanied by Petra Cruz, Europe Tourism Promotion Office director, were the the main official executives who represented the Dominican Republic at the event. 

As it was announced at a press conference, TUI, Germany’s top tour operator and the largest supplier of visitors to the Dominican Republic, expects a 10% growth in arrivals by the coming summer 2019 and a similar figure next year.

Moreover, Russia’s leading tour operator, PEGAS which works with the airline Nordwind announced that it is looking to double the number of tourists from that country to the Dominican Republic. This company reported that it is conducting a market study researching investment opportunities and properties in Puerto Plata.

Furthermore, the airline Eurowing expressed the possibility of new flights for summer 2020 to Puerto Plata. While the company Condor confirmed a flight to Puerto Plata from November 2019 to April 2020, with the possibility of extending it until the summer. The Swiss airline Edelweiss announced three flights to Punta Cana, during the whole year, based on the positioning and sustainability of this tourist pole.

This news confirms the marked tendency that the Puerto Plata region is transforming into a major tourism destination in the country. International investors are turning to the region and are ready to get into the tourism development. We’ve even prepared a special free eBook summarizing main reasons why the Dominican North Coast is attractive for international investors. Just click here to get it for FREE.

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