Is it Thanksgiving Day already?

Thanksgiving Day is traditionally celebrated in many countries to give thanks for the blessings of the previous year. People usually go to see their families and spend the day enjoying a nice relaxing atmosphere and sumptuous food. If you happen to be in the Dream City area for Thanksgiving this year and haven’t decided yet how to celebrate it, here is a last-minute guide for you. You will find some nice places situated in Sosua, Puerto Plata and Cabarete that will offer a special Thanksgiving dinner menu and a family ambiance to have the best Thanksgiving experience.

Puerto Plata

Let’s start with Puerto Plata. Undoubtedly, there are many great restaurants but the one we would like to recommend is Green Jack Restaurant. It’s situated just inside the Blue Jack Tar residential complex and will offer separate menus for adults and kids accompanied by live music. The price per adult is RD$950 without taxes. If you want to try turkey raviolis and burrata with berries, Green Jack should be your choice.


Let’s continue with Sosua. First of all, you have Nelson’s Lounge Bar and Bistro here just across from Super Pola Supermarket. An exquisite menu combining a traditional turkey and batata souffle as a Dominican touch as well as live music will be offered for RD$1200 per person.

Secondly, you have an option to join the all you can eat Thanksgiving buffet in Bourbon Street Restaurant. Moreover, you can start the celebration in the afternoon and don’t have to wait till the dinner time. A great variety of meats, sides and desserts will be available starting from 2 pm for RD$1000 per person.


Moving further east and on the way to Cabarete, you can also find The Beach Club in Sea Horse Ranch. They will surprise you with an amazing oceanfront setting and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner including an exceptional pumpkin flan. The price is US$40 per person.

If you are in Cabarete, Victor’s at Velero Beach Resort is an alternative for you to consider. Provided you arrive a little bit earlier, a fascinating sunset view can become an additional ingredient to your Thanksgiving dinner. A roasted turkey or glazed pork leg with pineapple will be served for RD$800 (taxes included) per person.

Staying home..

To conclude, since Thanksgiving Day is usually celebrated in family at home, you may not want to eat out. In this case we also have an option for you. Chocolate Bar can prepare your Thanksgiving dinner for delivery. A big menu including turkey or ham, honey roasted vegetables, garlic & rosemary mashed potato and even a pumpkin pie was available for ordering by Wednesday 5 pm. But as it’s Thanksgiving when acts of kindness happen, probably you will get lucky to still order your dinner with charming chef Corinna Wegerer.

Wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving!! And let’s us know on our Facebook page where you will finally celebrate it and share your secret Thanksgiving dinner places.

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