With a name like Irma, you’d think maybe a sweet little old lady. Right?

Not so much! As we all know from the news reports she was a big, angry storm that the likes of hadn’t been seen in the Atlantic for almost a century. And, being in the Dominican Republic for the past couple of months, the last event I was expecting to experience was a category five hurricane.

When asking around about hurricanes in this region I was told “We never really get a direct hit, the hurricanes go to the south and hit Haiti.” I was also told the last hurricane that did any real damage was over a hundred years ago.

Flooding has been the real problem here in the Dominican Republic. Unless you’re on higher ground, you’re going to be hit with rising waters.

Where did our beach go?

That’s right, Irma’s power actually removed the sand overnight. Hard to believe? It was for me too. But, I’ve been told that this seems to be a common occurrence here and no one who lives here seemed surprise at all by this.

The Power of the sea.

Here’s a picture of the ocean swells that ripped away the beach leaving nothing but rock and coral.

The sea ripping away the beach


What was left surprise us all.

The ocean took away another section of beach just north of us and carved out a cove that we had access to by walking down a path from our condos. Here’s what that looks like now. The day before had been a full beach with sand all the way up to stairs that lead to Hispanola, a well known beach resort.
Hispanol cove