Here is to another national holiday! In the Dominican Republic, leisure and relaxation are very important. Dominicans are known for cheering up long weekends. That is why since 1997, by a national decree, some national holidays are moved to Monday. This is for the purpose of having longer weekends, just like today -The Dominican Constitution Day. 

 This proves that the DR is the best country in the world to visit or move. Not only does it offer you beautiful surroundings, but also a stress-free lifestyle. 

 Within the DR, the best area to visit or move to is the North Coast. Here, you will have a relaxed and friendlier environment. In addition, you can enjoy more than a beach destination. Dream City will add even more value to the area by developing the largest project on the North Coast to date incorporating many world-class amenities. 


Brief History of the Constitution.

Long before peace, harmony, democracy, and order ruled in the DR, the country was involved in a series of events that produced the need to create an agreement ensuring the nation’s well-being.

The history of the DR is so fascinating that there is enough material to make a best selling book. The DR was dominated by the French, American, and Spanish, as well as a dictatorship and few battles. You can educate yourself with the rich history of the DR, through the museums and monuments in the country. 

On February 27th, 1844, the Dominicans obtained their independence, but such achievement was not a guarantee that the country would not fall again under another regime. Thus, the Dominican Constitution was promulgated on November 6th, just a few months after the independence. 


Why is it Important to Know the Dominican Constitution?

 This supreme document establishes the rights and duties of the nation. This includes everyone in the DR, regardless of his/her immigration status or nationality. As an expat, there are some articles that are of high interest for you, such as: 

  • Art. 18: Nationality 
  • Art. 19: Naturalization
  • Art. 20: Double Nationality
  • Art. 25: Regime of Foreigners
  • Art. 26: International Relations and International Law  

Click here to read the Dominican Constitution. 

We wish you a happy holiday weekend. Do you have any special plans for today?

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