One of the many things the Dominicans are known for is their love for baseball. It is one of the biggest passions, and it is not surprising to find out that the Dominican Winter League is considered to be one of the bests in the world.


The DR baseball Winter league season started last Saturday, October 12, and with 138 games scheduled to conclude the round-robin, it promises to be a season full of surprises as every year. So far, the season is 12 games long, and the enthusiasm is on.


If you are visiting the country during this time, don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to experience the excitement and joy that this significant event brings to the entire Dominican population. 


Baseball is more than the national sport, is a passion that unites a whole nation. If you want to know more about the Dominican people and their traditions go to our eBook Top 9 Things to know About Dominicans to learn much more. 


Watching the Games on T.V.

You can enjoy the games on national sports channels such as CDN. If you wish to go out instead, most bars on the North Coast will put the games on their screens.

However, baseball is more fun from a stadium. Seeing how others enjoy their team is an experience that you should not miss. Therefore, we recommend you go at least once to a Dominican stadium; this way, you can experience the culture of baseball.

Dominican Baseball Stadiums and their Teams:

Going to the Cibao Stadium

In case you want to go to a live game and you’re on the North Coast of the DR, we recommend you to visit the Cibao Stadium because it is the nearest to the north side of the country and is one of the most popular in the DR.  Click here to buy your tickets in advance.

Price for the Tickets

The cost of the tickets will depend on the place you would like to sit, starting from RD$100.00 (US$2.00) for the last rows to RD$ 1,000.00 (US$20.00) for the front rows. Other available options are the standard rows for $700.00 (US$14.00) and the preferential rows for $500.00 (US$10.00). If you don’t manage to buy your tickets online, you can always get them upon arrival.

For transportation, you can take a public bus, “Caribe Tours” or “Metro” for an approximate price of RD$160.00 (US$3.00) each way and a taxi to get to the stadium with an estimated cost of RD$200.00 (US$4.00), if the game is on the afternoon. Otherwise, if you prefer to drive to the stadium you could go with your own car or you can rent one. If you want to know how to rent a car in the DR, click here to get our eBook and learn more .

You can get food and beverages inside or outside the stadium. A can of beer costs RD$100.00 (US$2.00), and snacks starting up at RD$100.00 (US$2.00).

Dominican Baseball as a Piece of Art

Just a few minutes from the city of Puerto Plata, the Bartolo Colón stadium is located in the town of Altamira. Here you can appreciate a Baseball academy and museum, founded by the major league player Bartolo Colón.

In the museum part, you can learn about the history and cultural importance of baseball in the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, you can see young boys practicing with the dream of becoming players in Major Leagues Baseball. If you are lucky, you may even find Bartolo Colón himself. Otherwise, you will always appreciate a small exhibition of some of his belongings, such as uniforms and bats. Click here for more information.

In conclusion, baseball is a sport that it is worth experiencing while in the Dominican Republic. It is an entertainment, a passion, a profession, and the center of cultural life in the country for more than a decade. There is no doubt that Dominicans love baseball.

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