Halloween is a unique opportunity to be whomever or whatever you want. As we had already mentioned, Dominican culture has embraced many elements from other cultures. Thus, turning into a diverse and rich culture. When we talk about Halloween, this holiday has not been 100% welcomed, and it is not typical for Dominicans to buy candies to give children who play trick or treat. However, you can find special Halloween events in the DR this week.


Is Halloween Celebrated in the Dominican Republic?

The answer is yes, and no. Let’s not forget, this is a commercial festivity. However, there will be fun activities in tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, and bars, 

Considering that Dominicans, in general, are huge fans of the weekend, you will notice that Halloween celebrations are more common during the weekend. By the way, this weekend is going to be festive on the North Coast in the DR. There will be people celebrating Halloween, Jazz Festival, the holiday weekend (Constitution Day on Monday), and some will even celebrate all of them at the same time. Click here to learn about the top seven activities to do on the North Coast.

On the other hand, Dominicans are very superstitious and great believers of external forces. Since Halloween is related to deaths, witches, and so on, there is a split in opinion towards this holiday, some of them hate it, while some of them love it. According to our recent survey, 7 out of 10 Dominicans will not celebrate Halloween. Click here to find out the top 9 facts about Dominicans. 

Are you Celebrating Halloween at Home?


Ideas for a Last-Minute Costume.

Now, let’s talk about an essential element to celebrate Halloween: the costume. It will all depend on your creativity. You can buy or rent a full costume, have your Halloween makeup done, or buy a few accessories. 

Thanks to the introduction of zombies in the movies, you could take a dirty old t-shirt, and create a messy look, and there you are, dressed up as a zombie! So if you do not have time to  buy or rent a full costume, improvising is an option. 

Another option is getting some Halloween accessories like gloves, hats, glasses, wigs, etc. from birthday party shops, such as Divertilindo, Fiesta y Algo Mas, La Paletera, in Puerto Plata. If you are in Sosua or Cabarete, you can buy some accessories from the Dollar Shop (FYI, not everything costs a dollar). 

Nowadays, Halloween makeup has become a trend. You can perhaps go as the “Joker” one of the blockbuster movies of the year. Other favorites are Maleficent, Pennywise, skull, and so on. Here are some recommendations to get professional makeup in Puerto Plata, @yulimakeuprd, or @dannamakeup10, and in Sosua @maribella_makeup. 


Decorative Supplies for your House.

When we are looking for decoration ideas, it is common to consider spiders, bats, brooms, and pumpkins. Nevertheless, in the DR, the closest to an American pumpkin is the Auyama. This is a delicious vegetable originated in Central America or Northern South America. The pumpkin is an essential element for Halloween, and the good news is that you can purchase it from Jumbo supermarket, located in Puerto Plata. 

Upcoming Halloween Events on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

  •  Friday, November 1st, 2019: 
    1. Belgoween Party @ Tropical Bar, in Puerto Plata at 8:00 pm, free welcome sangria drink!
    2. Halloween Movie on the Lawn @ ISLA Academy in Playa Laguna, Sosúa, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm. The entrance is FREE and popcorn included. Food and drinks are available for purchase.
    3. Halloween Party & Contest @Vinoteca Wine House, in Puerto Plata at 9:00 pm. Prizes for the three best costumes.  
  •  Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 – Lost in the Island @ La Boca River, in Cabarete from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am. You will enjoy the finest selection of DJs.


Tell us, how are you going to celebrate this holiday?

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