Looking for a perfect day out? Stop your search because there is an exceptional place for you on the North Coast of DR, a spot that you should not miss! We are talking about Punta Rucia, an area with history, culture, eco-tourism, and the best snorkeling in DR. All of that makes it one of the most popular places in the region.

Never Before Has Something So Little Has Done So Much for so Many!

Punta Rucia is a small fishing village in the Northwest of the DR, located in the bay of La Isabela. This place is extremely quiet, with beautiful beaches with really friendly and helpful people.

Design Your Perfect Day in Punta Rucia

To visit this fascinating spot, you have two options: Book an excursion via a tour operator, please click here for more information. Another option is driving first to La Isabela and then to Punta Rucia, which takes approximately 1h 30m (63.5 km from Puerto Plata city). To find out more information read our eBook: “How to Rent a Car in the Dominican Republic.” So it is going to depend on whether you want an organized experience, or if you want to design your itinerary. With either option, you will have an unforgettable experience!

  1. History and Culture of More than 500 Years Old: To start, travel back in time visiting the ruins of La Isabela. In this historical place, Christopher Columbus built the first European settlement in America during his second visit in 1493. Today, you can visit a museum with representations of the Taino inhabitants and the arrival of the Spaniards in DR (formerly “La Hispaniola”). There is also a church and cemetery with some archeological pieces. Click here to find out more about this archaeological treasure.
    Ruinas La Isabela
  2. Ranked #34 out of the 100 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World: Next, head on over to Punta Rucia beach where there will be speed boats to take you to Cayo Arena in a fast and fun way, this is your chance to channel your inner James Bond! Cayo Arena is also well known as Cayo Paraiso, Isla Paraiso, or Paradise Island. A huge coral reef surrounds this dazzling sandbank in the middle of the ocean. Enjoy fantastic snorkeling and swim in crystal waters. You can also just lay down and chill on the stunning white sand beach.
    Punta Rucia Snorkel
  3. Eco-Tourism in the Mangroves: To continue with the fun, you will take the same speed boat, but this time you will pass by part of the National Park of Monte Cristi. You will go between Estero Hondo and Punta Rucia. Here you will visit the second largest mangrove forest in the country. You will be amazed and delighted by its beauty and exotic vegetation. Ideal for those nature lovers.
  4. Variety of Beaches: One of the features that characterizes this area is the variety of beaches. On your return, stay at Punta Rucia Beach or La Ensenada Beach, which are the two most popular beaches in the area. You will enjoy a calm and relaxing atmosphere with an excellent and personalized service.
    Punta Rucia Beach
  5. Lunch with a View: Something that is worth mentioning is the delicious cuisine with impressive views. One simply could not ask for more! Enjoy the best sunset or sunrise, depending on how early or late you linger. One of the advantages of organizing your itinerary yourself is that you decide how long you stay. However, we do not recommend staying too late, and if it is the case, you can choose to stay over in one of the hotels in the area.
    Punta Rucia sunset

Visiting this site is a must-do! It is a stunning place to enjoy with friends or the whole family. Once you visit this amazing place, you will want to return just like the others who have visited before.

Punta Rucia is only a piece of the North Coast. Still, numerous attractions awaits you in the entire zone. It can also offer anyone a life of relaxation and tranquility. That is why Dream City is being developed in this magnificent area as it is the most versatile in DR.

Stay tuned with our blog posts as we present you the lifestyle on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. You will also discover how amazing this zone is.


Have you visited Punta Rucia or any part of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic already? 

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