Workouts and physical exercises have become an integral part of the 21st century lifestyle. Fitness centers and gyms are now considered socialization points where people find new friends and plan their weekend activities. If you live or vacation in Sosua, Cabarete or Puerto Plata and don’t want to interrupt your training routine, this guide is for you. It will help you find the most suitable gym facility based on the location, price, trainer and variety of programs available.

Gyms in Puerto Plata


Gold’s Gym, Torre Alta, Puerto Plata

Price: 300 RD per day; 2000 RD per month; 6000 RD for subscription.

Open: Monday – Friday: 6AM – 10PM; Saturday: 8AM – 12PM; Sunday closed.

The Gold’s Gym franchise doesn’t need an introduction. We will just say that this is the most modern and fully equipped 2 floor fitness center on the Dominican North Coast for the moment. You will find here a full complex of fitness services, including building your complimentary Fitness Profile with goal setting and Gold’s 3D body scan. Creating a personalized fitness plan with a professional trainer in combination with a diet plan under the guidance of a doctor is just a matter of few minutes. But probably the most exciting thing about this gym is Gold’s Gym Challenge programs. It’s a 12-week body transformation contest that you can join with your friends to develop a real competitive spirit, get fit and also win real cash prizes. Needless to say, there are all sorts of group classes, such as boxing, TRX, pilates and many others.

Small tip: Panaderia Tio Pan is a nice café just few blocks away. It’s an ideal place to boost your energy with a fresh smoothie after a hard workout.


FixCi CrossFit, El Pueblito, Playa Dorada

Price: 25 USD for 1 drop-in session; 60 USD per week.

Open: morning sessions at 6AM, 7AM, 8.30AM; evening sessions at 5PM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM. Kids session at 9PM on Saturday.

This one is a small secret jewel hidden in el Pueblito, Playa Dorada. As you might have already realized from our previous posts, we like sharing secret places with our readers. The facilities of FixCi gym are for CrossFit fans mainly. The small at first sight space has got all the crossfit equipment essentials. Classes are given in groups which become like a real family. FixCi buddies celebrate their birthdays and other remarkable dates together. It’s advisable to reserve your place in advance because the number of participants is limited.

Small tip: on your visit to this gym, you can also discover a charming beach and a small Colonial style village. We will leave it to you to find out the history of this place and reasons why it’s so deserted now.

Gyms in Sosua


Sosua Ocean Village Gym

Price: 400 RD per day; 2500 RD per month.

Open: Monday – Friday: 7.30AM – 8PM (break 1PM-4PM); Saturday: 8AM – 6PM; Sunday: 8AM – 4PM.

Most of you most likely have already known this place. It was opened under the Gold’s Gym franchise and got all the equipment according to its standards. Then the franchise agreement fell apart but the two-level gym with an incredible ocean view remained. You can workout in a boxing, dance, stretching or fitness room. But there is a chance you will be charged additionally for using this space. We say ‘a chance’ because this gym’s rules change almost every month, just like their working hours. Just a few months ago, they were open from 7.30AM till 10.00PM which made them attractive for many local Dominicans and working expats. But now they are back to their old schedule closing earlier at 8.00PM. So the best way to keep up with the schedule and rule fluctuations is to check their website.

Small tip: your monthly membership at Sosua Ocean Village Gym also includes the use of their Olympic size swimming pool.


Platinum’s Gym, El Batey

Price: 200 RD per day; 1500 RD per month.

Open: Monday – Friday: 7AM – 9PM; Saturday: 8AM – 2PM; Sunday closed.

The gym is situated on the third floor of the Casino building next to the Casa de Arte and Extraordinary Hotel. As you can guess from the location description, it also has a splendid view over the Sosua Bay. Warming up on a treadmill in the cardio zone with this view and ocean breeze has never been more enjoyable. The gym though is much smaller than the Ocean Village Gym. There are less fitness machines but there is still a squash and basketball room. The main trainer is the gym’s manager Pascual who can give you all kinds of training and fitness recommendations. Moreover, the gym welcomes any guest trainers. In other words, if you are a professional trainer back in your country and would like to give classes in Sosua, Platinum’s Gym is open for you. Besides, Platinum’s Gym has become Sosua’s socialization point for the town’s main lawyers, doctors and business owners.


Family Gym, Sosua

Price: 100 RD per day; 700 RD per month.

Open: Monday – Friday: 6AM – 9PM; Saturday: 7AM – 3PM; Sunday closed.

This fitness facility is a genius Dominican style gym. It’s so simple to the point that there is no AC. You may know that Dominican men always take care of their body. Going to barbershops and gyms is almost like sacred rituals that can’t be missed. So Family Gym is a place where Dominicans of the low-middle class get together. But the indisputable jewel of this gym is Zumba classes and the talented trainer Yeah Gilbert Kingsley. He is such a positive and dynamic person that his classes will fill you with so much energy and liveliness that you will become addicted to the workout. If you still feel skeptical, you can ask the famous Dominican actress Nashla Bogaert who attended some classes and left absolutely impressed.


GY Fitness, Sosua

Price: 50 RD per day400 RD per month.

Open: Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM, Saturday at 6.30AM

GY Fitness is not a conventional gym. It’s more like a fitness movement where people get together for functional training in big groups. They use minimum of equipment and they train in public places such as Alicia Beach, Parque de Las Flores in front of the Casino, Heliport in front of Infiniti Blu, Puerto Plata’s Malecon and Amphitheater. Opponents of traditional gyms argue that their confined, dusty, unaired spaces are not appropriate for physical exercise. That’s not a problem anymore with the GY Fitness movement. They will get you to the area’s most beautiful spots to enjoy the workout, view and company of soul mates.

Gyms in Cabarete


Extreme Fitness Camps, Cabarete

Price: 300 RD per day, 3500 RD per month.

Open: Monday – Friday: 11AM – 6PM (break 12PM-5PM); Saturday: 10.30AM – 11.30PM.

eXtreme Fitness is situated in eXtreme Hotel in Cabarete. It is a beautiful beachfront tiki-style gym with a cana roof. The open layout and the hard wood floor contribute to a friendly, positive atmosphere. The gym is naturally ventilated by a Caribbean breeze and equipped with crossfit style training material. The classes are bootcamp style with functional training elements and adaptable to any fitness level. The gym’s trainer is NASM certified Jeremy Trostel. His programs are designed to help clients reach their fitness goals with a focus on correcting faulty movement patterns and muscle imbalances through restorative exercise.


Energym, Cabarete

Price: 75 RD per day, 1000 RD per month, 1000 RD for subscription.

Open: Monday – Friday: 6.30AM – 8.30PM, Saturday: 6.30AM – 5PM, Sunday closed.

Energym in Cabarete is similar to Family Gym in Sosua. It’s very simple and basic. But there are great trainers who will help you do wonders to your body with the minimum of equipment. One of them is Mustafa (Mark) Sadree who has helped many clients miraculously lose weight in just 4 weeks. And another one is the talented zumba instructor Raffaella Ferri. She will make anyone sweat after just 5 minutes of her energetic zumba classes.

So that was it for our guide on fitness facilities and gyms in Sosua, Cabarete and Puerto Plata. We hope it will help you to make the right decision and choose the most suitable for you place. We also expect to add Dream City Fitness Center to this list of gyms in a few years. It will resume the best practices of the existing gyms to offer the best fitness experience to our clients.

Do you think you would be interested in getting a full guide on the best personal trainers working in the Dream City area? Please contact us to let us know.