From what does a dream project start?

Our project keeps developing and getting bigger. Every day we are getting closer to our goals to provide homes to many Dominicans and also foreigners who would like to move to a dream Caribbean destination and enjoy life in a secure residential and commercial project with a developed infrastructure. But the first step towards the realization of our objectives is to get the best team of dedicated and responsible specialists. We are determined to ensure the best work environment for our employees so their labor experience in Dream City becomes their dream job.

We already have a team of about 50 collaborators who work hard to make our project come true. So we have decided to give them the floor to share what advantages they find about working in Dream City.

All over from Hollywood to the North Coast to get a dream job

Barry Shereshevsky, Creative Director, winner of the Clio Award, previously worked on some of Hollywood’s most famous movies including Star Wars, Jaws, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and many more.

As a Los Angeles resident since 1971, I always considered Southern California a real Paradise with so much to offer. When I first came to the Dominican Republic, I really didn’t know much about the country except what my friends there told me. They were also from California and after visiting the DR and starting to work at Dream City, they decided to move there and make it a new home.

I came to the Dominican Republic to work on marketing for the Dream City project and the longer I stayed the more I realized how much I was enjoying not only working on the marketing but also I found the native residents extremely welcoming and happy. There seems to be an absence of stress which makes concentrating on the work even more delightful.

I personally think the Dominican Republic is the best kept secret in the Caribbean. And, redefines what paradise really is. Working at Dream City is as close as you can get to a dream job.

Back to the homeland through different countries

Nixon Peña, Finance Controller, previously worked in hotel management companies, tour operators, hospitals and sales stores in different countries, including Canada, Panama, Turks and Caicos.

I think Dream City is a brilliant project that has a great future ahead of it and will have a big impact on Sosua and the entire province of Puerto Plata, both economic and social. I have chosen to work for Dream City for all the economic movement that it will most certainly have. If everything goes according to the plans, in a few years we are going to have a different Sosua. This project will change many lives.

On the other hand, I am very happy that someone from another country is interested in the beauty that we have here. Many locals do not appreciate it enough and do not take that in consideration to make an investment of such a great magnitude. I hope that by continuing to work for Dream City I contribute my grain of sand to the development of our beautiful country.

Being part of the coming progress

Emil Katz, Dream City Representative, previously held the position of the senior digital engineer in COMCAST, legal consultant and director of the international commercial relations in other companies. 

My experience in Dream City has been very positive since the company got established in the country. I have collaborated efficiently with my bosses and co-workers and I will continue to do so whenever my assistance is needed.
I am proud to be part of the progress that is coming for my city (Sosua). Fortunately, there are people like the investors of Dream City who are eager to improve the life of the local community. Moreover, I can see how people are pleased with every initiative we take.
The management’s attitude towards the employees has been impeccable.We treat each other with a lot of respect and diplomacy. I have noticed that the company shows interest in everyone’s well-being. The executives are very experienced in business people so we constantly implement new techniques to improve the performance of those who make up the team. Our operating practices are based on comfort and openness which translates into efficiency with which we work to achieve our goals.

Starting the career with a dream job

Maria Dacheva, Media Director, previously worked in the Sales and Marketing in Sosua Ocean Village. 

Though I don’t have an extensive work experience in different companies, I can say for sure that Dream City is the place I feel most comfortable working for. One thing is that the project has noble goals to reanimate tourism on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The housing plans are intended not only for international visitors but also for the local community. Being part of that honorable mission makes my efforts at workplace more meaningful and purposeful.

Another thing is the inspiring ambiance and caring attitude of the management toward the employees. I can really feel that the executives consider everyone an important player of the team. They are ready to listen to everyone’s opinion and suggestion. Much is also invested in creating the most comfortable work conditions. Logically enough, that open and thoughtful policy inspires any employee to work with more commitment and eagerness.

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