What is Sosua 10K?

Sosua 10K is a well-known annual event in the Sosua community which aims to promote healthy lifestyle. The local non-profit organization Sustainable Development of Sosúa (ADSS) and his head Andrés Pastoriza have been organizing this event for the last 5 years. The raised money goes for sustainable development projects, like for example, the preservation of the Sosua Bay coral reefs.

All ages, preparation levels and physical condition participants are welcome. The full 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) course follows a route on the streets of the downtown Sosua where numerous spectators always come to support the event and cheer on the runners. There is also a shorter 5K course and 1K course for kids.

Dream City supports Sosua 10K

Dream City always supports sport activities and healthy lifestyle. So this year we decided to become the sponsors of this important for Sosua race event. It turned out massive beyond any expectations. Around 900 runners of all ages participated in the competition. Approximately 2000 more attended the event as spectators. A lot of fun activities were organized on the site. Children could play at a kids playground mounted for the occasion. Whereas adults could enjoy the energy vibes of zumba dances. All in all, it was an excellent family event where people joined together to support a good cause and celebrated a healthy lifestyle. Here we are leaving some pictures so you can get inspired by the event’s positive vibes and probably decide to participate next year. Here is also our local gyms guide where you can get the necessary preparation.