In the middle of vivid discussions about the recent tragic incidents in the Dominican Republic, we’d like to share some positive news about our beautiful and lovely country. Undoubtedly, our hearts go out to the affected families and we sympathize with their situations. It is worth noting that millions of international tourists visit this Caribbean nation every year. And these tragic events with American citizens don’t represent any trend or pattern. They are isolated incidents that the local authorities together with FBI are investigating right now. Whereas millions of other tourists keep enjoying the amazing beaches, landscapes and climate of the Dominican Republic in full safety.

Apart from positive reviews from travelers, numerous international tourism awards the destination has been winning recently are the best proof of the country’s commitment on high quality and safety standards. Thus, the Dominican Republic has been just recognized as the “Best Destination in Latin America” in the PriceTravel Trophy. It’s an award given each year to the leading companies in tourism by the Mexican tour operator PriceTravel Holding.

In this seventh edition, the Dominican Republic won the award for the excellent growth that the destination has had across all the sales channels as a wholesale agency. This achievement is backed by the official statistics by the Ministry of Tourism. They show that during the first quarter of 2019, the arrival of Mexican travelers increased 54.1% in relation to the same period in 2018. That makes the Dominican Republic the country with the highest growth of Mexican visitors in Latin America.

Each year the PriceTravel Holding company hands out PriceTravel Trophy awards to its best business partners in the travel industry. The main aim is to promote high levels of quality, recognizing the work of its leaders and encouraging the competitiveness of the sector. To determine this year’s winners, PriceTravel evaluated more than 6,000 hotels, suppliers and destinations based on their sales productivity during 2018.

Another good news comes from the American Airlines company that has announced weekly direct flights between Charlotte, North Carolina and the International Puerto Plata Airport as well as Santo Domingo Las Americas International Airport. The new flights will respond to an increasing demand from travelers during the summer season.

We also hope that more people from all over the world will visit the Dominican Republic and enjoy its fascinating beaches, delicious food and rich culture. Check the video below to let the Caribbean vibe inspire you for your next trip. Or download our free eBook summarizing reasons why you should consider traveling to the best Latin American and Caribbean destination.

Don’t hesitate to share this wonderful news so more people know about the international recognition of the Dominican Republic as the Best Destination in Latin America.

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