Your ideal retirement destination in the Caribbean

You are in your 50-60s and want to move to a country with a milder climate and less hectic way of life? Or you are only thinking about the future retirement and choosing a place to enjoy your free-of-work days? Here are some reasons why you should choose the Dominican Republic.

Comfortable Climate

That point does not even need further explanation. The Dominican Republic is situated in the Caribbean region and has a tropical rainforest climate. The annual average temperature is 25 °C (77 °F). So why shovel snow and live in miserable weather when you can live on the beach all year long? With these comfortable temperatures you will soon forget you’ve ever worn a sweater.

Low Cost of Living

In the land of endless summer you will not have to buy different clothes for every season. Warm winters require less energy consumption. Real estate prices are lower than in other neighboring countries with the similar standard of living. Besides, the government offers tax exemptions for imports, real estate, and 50% reduction on property and capital gains taxes. What is more important for seniors, the quality health care at 1/3rd of the usual cost is available.  Moreover, with labor starting at $1.50 USD per hour you can have the a full time maid/cook for $225 a month.

High Standard of Living

Low cost of living doesn’t mean low standard of living. On the contrary, with the money you are saving you can indulge in a lot of those things you’ve always wanted. You can afford a comfortable life in paradise and create a perfect home environment with all those amenities you have always dreamed about. For example,  our Blue Dolphin Condominiums will have everything starting from 24/7 security, restaurants, commercial center to central parks, vocational schools and medical centers.

Active Lifestyle

For those who want to maintain an active lifestyle, the island may offer many attractions and activities. The Dominican Republic has it all from a pleasant stroll on the beach to kite and wind surfing, 4 wheeling, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking, boating, fishing, horseback riding, golf and on and on. Just check our Activities page and you’ll see that your retirement will never get boring.

Safe Environment 

We can all agree that seniors need a safe environment. Security is one of the top priorities Dream City is keen on providing. But you can ask what happens when you leave the fully secured gated community. The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is what they call “Tranquilo” in Spanish or tranquil. Several international studies actually show that many areas of the world in the USA and Europe have crime rates that are higher than here on the island. Besides, tourism is one of the country’s main industries so the authorities make their best to ensure safety and security. You can read more about in our FAQ section.

Hurricane Resistance

When we talk about the Caribbean, it’s impossible not to mention hurricane seasons. But the North Coast of the Dominican Republic has proved to be a highly hurricane resistant region. The natural characteristics of this part of the country make any storm deviate further from the land. Even the latest strongest hurricanes Irma and Maria didn’t cause much damage to the infrastructure comparing to the neighboring islands. You can find a post dedicated to that subject in our blog.

Health Care

The country’s health care system is considered one the best in the region. Medical tourism is also growing as many people are traveling to the island to get good medical assistance for a reasonable price. Besides, even some of the celebrities choose the Dominican Republic to give birth here. Several reputable medical facilities such as Centro Medico Cabarete and Clinica Bournigal are available in the area. All of them take international insurances. Dream City will also have its own onsite medical center with world class services. For more information please refer to the FAQ section.

Community Work

The most rewarding benefit of all is helping others. There are many non-profit and charity organizations such as Mustard Seed Community or Mariposa Community. They will be glad to have you as part of their teams to share the knowledge, expertise, experience and care that only seniors can provide. Dream City, for example, also develops its own non-profit initiative Noche de Cine Gratis. Its mission is to provide children with time and space to grow and get their own understanding of the certain important things in life.

Contact us now and start planning your move to the Dominican Republic, your ideal retirement destination..


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