Dominican Republic Holidays

The Dominican Republic is a country where there is always a reason to celebrate and have fun. Furthermore, any excuse to have a good time with friends, a few drinks, and delicious food is perfectly valid. As a result, Dominican holidays are a fundamental part of our lifestyle because we like to have fun and relax with loved ones.

The North Coast is the Best Destination to Retire or Visit

One of the things that make the North Coast the best place to invest in real estate is its unique, stress-free lifestyle. Consequently, Dominicans enjoy long weekends and extra time off work. That is why we bring you the 2020 Dominican holidays guide.

There are three types of holidays:

  • Social (traditional festivities);
  • Religious (in honor of Catholic holy figures);
  • Patriotic (in honor of a historical event or patriotic hero).

Holidays Calendar

There are other holidays such as Mother’s Day, but this does not modify the calendar since Dominicans celebrate it on the last Sunday of May. The same thing happens on Father’s Day, which is the last Sunday of July.

Holidays Date
New Year Wednesday, January 1
Three Kings’ Day * Monday, January 6
Our Lady of High Grace Day Tuesday, January 21
Juan Pablo Duarte Day Sunday, January 26
Dominican Independence Day Thursday, February 27
Good Friday Friday, April 10
International Labor Day * Friday, May 1  (Changed to Monday, May 4)
Corpus Christi Day Thursday, June 11
Restoration Day Sunday, August 16
Our Lady of Mercy Day Thursday, September 24
Dominican Constitution Day* Friday, November 6 (Changed to Monday, November 9)
Christmas Friday, December 25
* Long Weekend

Regulation For Dominican Holidays

In this country, Law No. 139-97 is the one in charge of regulating Dominican holidays. It was designated on June 19, 1997, by the Ministry of Labor. According to this law, if a holiday falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, it will be transferred to Monday. This law excludes religious days and other holidays that, due to their nature the state cannot move them.

Unlike previous years, 2020 will only have three long weekends because several holidays fall already on Sunday or even Monday. But who needs long weekends when you can have a fantastic time all year round.

What is commemorated on each of the Dominican Holidays?

Holidays In January:

  • New Year: This is more of a worldwide celebration rather than a Dominican holiday. Thus, everybody is familiar with this day, celebrated the first day of the year all over the wolrd. Thus, the start of a new year always brings high hopes.
  • Three Kings Day: On January 6, we celebrate the arrival of the three holy kings in Bethlehem by giving gifts to children. In the Dominican calendar, this day can be moved, which according to law enforcement, can be transferred to Monday.
  • Our Lady of High Grace Day: Every January 21, Our Lady of High Grace Day is commemorated, patroness of Higüey. Because this is a religious day, it is non-transferable.
  • Juan Pablo Duarte Day: January 26 is the date when Dominicans commemorate the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte. He was a patriotic hero who led the movement “The Trinitarians,” to fight for the independence of the Dominican Republic. When this day is on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, it will be moved to Monday.

Holidays In February- The Most Patriotic Month:

  • Independence Day:  On February 27, 1844, the Dominican Republic proclaims itself free and independent of any foreign power. Due to the significance of this day, it is non-transferable on the calendar.

What Happens The Rest Of The Year:

  • Good Friday: This religious holiday honors the death of Jesus, which is always on a  Friday. Its date varies according to the year between March 20 and April 23.
  • Labor Day: On May 1, it is International Labor Day, and it is one of those days that can be transferred. This year, it will be commemorated on May 4.
  • Corpus Christi Day: The solemnity of the body and blood of Christ, or Corpus Christi, is always celebrated on a Thursday equivalent to 60 days after Easter Sunday. Therefore, it cannot be changed.
  • Restoration Day: ​​On August 16, 1863, Dominicans fought against Spanish annexation, achieving the restoration (in other words, their freedom again). Every August 16, the Dominican Republic celebrates another year of that restoration. This day is transferable, although this year it is already on a Sunday.
  • Our Lady of Mercy Day: Every September 24, Dominicans who are devoted to the Catholic faith celebrate the day of Our Lady of Mercy. Many Dominicans visit the sanctuary located in La Vega.
  • Constitution Day: The Dominican Republic commemorated the promulgation of the country’s first constitution on November 6, 1844. This year, the day happens to be on a Friday. So it will be moved to Monday, November 9.
  • Christmas: We all know what Christmas is! It is a worldwide holiday. Although in this country, more attention is drawn to the Christmas Eve dinner, and the actual Christmas day involves more gift giving to children.

Our Recommendations On Dominican Holidays

On the North Coast, there are so many activities for all ages. Therefore, if you like nature, beautiful beaches, nightlife, cultural and historical sites, look no further, visit the North Coast of the Dominican Republic!

Activities You Should Not Miss:

  1. Exploring Montecristi
  2. Snorkeling in Punta Rucia
  3. Cable Car
  4. Surfing in Cabarete Beach
  5. 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua
  6. Whale Watching in Samaná (January to March)

We wish you happy holidays all year round. Follow us on our social media channels to keep up with everything that is happening on the North Coast of DR.

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