This Cultural Center will be the largest in the country accessible to the local communities and tourists who come to our region.

We are proposing for our Cultural Center to include the following features

  • Our world famous cigar industry and how they are manufactured
    Not only will visitors have access to purchasing world renowned cigars but they will be able to learn how to roll their own at this kiosk.
  • Dominican world class rum and its production process
    A top rum brand will be on site to offer some of the best quality product in the country and arguably the world.
  • How we achieve the world’s best chocolate
    It may not be known but the Dominican Republic manufactures and exports some of the world’s highest quality and flavorful chocolate.
  • How we create some of the finest coffee in the world
    Our guess is this particular area of our Culture Center may become one of the busiest with the aroma of the highest quality coffee beans and the most delicious cup of coffee.
  • A presentation of our rich art history, jewelry, music and textiles
    With the Dominican Republic’s rich culture in all forms of art, this part of the Cultural Center will enable visitors to study and enjoy the island’s most beautiful artifacts in the world.
  • Our phenomenal output of sports greats
    It has been a known fact for some time now that Dominicans are some of the most talented baseball players in the world and this part of the Center will present interesting facts about such things as how many local players are brought to the United States to play in the major league.