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Our Commercial Center Will Offer Services and Products to Our Residents and The Surrounding Communities.

Dream City Plaza is being developed to have all the features of a world class commercial center. Residents from Dream City and the surrounding communities will be able to shop for just about anything they need, and with a Cinema, food court and gym, traveling for a tasty snack after a workout or a movie won’t be necessary.

The Plaza will also be home for a university, a variety of restaurants and a large department store. A state-of-the-art Medical Center is being scheduled to be on the grounds as well. Another feature of the Plaza will be our open courtyard area centrally located as you enter which will be used for events ranging from musical performances to conventions.

The unique dome ceiling will bathe the interior with light and offer a glance at the stars and moon in the evenings as you dine in the outdoor restaurant and walk through the courtyard. The interior is designed to be “green” friendly and the lush outdoor feeling of the island will also be transferred visually by having trees and plants inside the Plaza.

Let’s not forget the kids. We’re designing a large play area for children of all ages. Mom and dad can do a little shopping knowing their children are safe and having fun on the slides and other play things just nearby.