Dominican culture is very cheerful, so it is not a surprise to see that festivities such as Christmas tend to linger here longer than usual. It is common to see Christmas decorations go up in many houses as early as November.

 In many parts of the world, Christmas is commonly associated with the cold temperature, fireplaces, and white snow on the ground. But in the Caribbean countries such as the Dominican Republic, this holiday takes another direction. Dominicans have a series of their own Christmas preparation traditions. Click here to learn more about “Christmas in the Dominican Republic.”prepa


Dominican Christmas Trees.

We can definitely celebrate Christmas without snow and cold, but the tree is a fundamental piece. Dominicans are very creative; that is why you can find different types of trees that reflects different parts of the Dominican culture. Here are five alternatives for an unusual Christmas tree.


Palm Christmas Tree

As many of you will know, in tropical countries like DR, palm trees and coconuts are very common. In this country, palm trees are used to build houses with the wood it produces. But in the meantime, you can put some Christmas lights on it for a tree that is out of the ordinary.


Charamico Christmas Tree

The charamico is part of Dominican art. It consists of a tree called “Olivo,” and the branches usually have many small leaves. When this tree is dried, it is painted white so that some people can have a white Christmas.


President Christmas Tree

There is no other way to describe these types of trees, other than they are made of empty bottles of Presidente or Baileys. This is a great way to recycle.


Metal Christmas Tree

It is commonly the type of tree that is used in city parks or centers. On November 29th, the mayor of Puerto Plata lit the tree and, thus began the 2019 Christmas season. If you were not able to attend this event, you can still go to the Central Park (Plaza Independencia) with your family to take some festive pictures in front of the giant Christmas tree, gingerbread house, sled, baby Jesus manger, and so on. Puerto Plata definitely shines this holiday season. 


Christmas in Puerto Plata

Christmas is everywhere! We can feel the Christmas spirit in the air, holiday music, beautiful decorations, and special foods that can be found in supermarkets or streets at this time of the year.

There are different ways to enjoy Christmas on the North Coast in DR. This country is undoubtedly the best place to retire. If you would like to get more information about real estate in the Dominican Republic, click


Wherever you are, near or far, we wish you Happy Holidays!

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