It’s December already which means it’s time to get ready for the most beautiful and magic time of the year. Supermarkets have the shelves full of Christmas decorations and gifts. Everyone is getting this holiday fever shopping more than on any Black Friday. José Ignacio Paliza, the Senator from Puerto Plata Province, is no exception to resist the Christmas mood. So he decided to organize a Christmas Gala for his province’s residents and guests. The National Choir and Symphonic Orchestra will give a performance in the Amphitheater of Puerto Plata on December 9. That will be an exceptionally beautiful cultural event for the general public that you can’t miss.

But who is Jose Paliza?

jose paliza

But first things first, why does he organize this event? José Ignacio Paliza is a politician and lawyer from the Dominican Republic. He was elected with just 28 years as a deputy which makes him the youngest member of the Congress of the Dominican Republic.

Before starting the political career, Jose Paliza studied in the best universities in his home country as well as abroad, including Harvard University. He even earned a doctorate in law in 2003.

The Senator has become famous during his current term for the strong anti-corruption position. Besides, he stands against political privileges that the Dominican deputies and senators take advantage of. For example, he refused the exoneration benefits granted every two years by law to the Senate and Chamber of Deputies members for the vehicles importation. Moreover, he plays an active role in the promotion of Puerto Plata province as a tourist destination. Thus he was one of the strongest opponents of the law reform that cancelled long weekends. The reform stated that if a public holiday falls on a week day it cannot be moved closer to the weekend. That decision is not beneficial for domestic tourism, especially, for Puerto Plata which is a popular destination among Dominican vacationers.

So the coming Christmas gala is also a great example of the senator’s efforts to promote his province both domestically and internationally.

Dominican Republic political system

The Dominican Republic is a democratic republic with three traditional branches of power. The President heads the executive branch and executes laws passed by the Congress, appoints the cabinet, and is  the country’s commander in chief. The national legislature is bicameral, composed of 32-member Senate and the Chamber of Deputies with 178 members.

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