It is a worldwide tradition to celebrate the arrival of a new year in a lively and entertaining way. The end and start of a year are the closure and opening of a cycle. Thus, the beginning of a year always comes full of hopes, goals, and aspirations.

Some Dominican New Year Traditions and Beliefs

Unlike the Christmas celebration which has to do with a lot of food, the New Year celebration has more to do with drinks, parties, music, etc

No matter if you are going out or staying at home, we will give you some recommendations to make the most out of the last and first day of the year.

With regards to food, the New Year menu is similar to Christmas, but perhaps with fewer dishes. Moreover, on this day, the main elements are the drinks which are usually rum, wine, or sparkling wine. Although some Dominicans like to cook sancocho or barbecue to vary a bit. Check our previous post,, Five Dominican Recipes to Try on Christmas Eve.

A popular Dominican belief is that one must clean the house so that the new year enters with good vibes. The most anticipated moment is midnight when everyone hugs and congratulates each other. Generally, Dominicans gather on New Year’s Eve to wait for the 12 bells at midnight and then continue the celebration until sunrise in a bar or at the Malecon

Where to Celebrate New Year 

Whether you are doing a pre or post-New Year celebration on the North Coast, there are many places where you can have a great time. Believe it or not, gas stations are popular celebration points. Besides, all gas stations usually have a “food shop,” which is more of a place to have drinks rather than to eat. Those gas stations are popularly called “Bombas,” the most popular ones in Puerto Plata are Rilix, Isla, and Grand Prix.

Other options in Puerto Plata are the Malecon or Luis Ginebra Avenue. At the Malecon, you can visit one of the beach bars known as “casetas,” or you can bring your own drinks and sit at la puntilla. There are also several bars, liquor stores, and discos on Luis Ginebra Avenue. For those who are located on the eastern side of Puerto Plata, Cabarete is well known for its wide variety of bars and restaurants.

Below we you will find 10 bars in Puerto Plata and Cabarete where you can celebrate the New Year. More importantly, these bars are accessible by car, click here to learn “How to Rent a Car in the Dominican Republic.”

Top 10 Bars & Discotheques on the North Coast of DR

  1. Lust Afterwork: Manolo Tavarez Justo Ave., Puerto Plata, DR. (809)-261-8078.
  2. Kaviar Show Disco & Casino Puerto Plata: It is located within the Costa Dorada Complex, Puerto Plata, DR. (809)-964-3575.
  3. Meclao’ Rooftop Lounge: Luis Ginebra Ave., Puerto Plata, DR. (829)-571-0719.
  4. Marotte Disco Club: Luis Ginebra Ave., Puerto Plata, DR. (809)-876-6675.
  5. Topacio Bar & Restaurant: Luis Ginebra Ave., Puerto Plata, DR. (809)-261-6450.
  6. Ocean World Terrace: Cofresi Beach, Puerto Plata, DR. (809)- 291- 2400.
  7. La Esquina De Chalo: 16 de Agosto St. #11, Puerto Plata, DR. (809)-586-1414.
  8. Lax Ojo: Sosua- Cabarete Highway, Puerto Plata, DR. (829)-745-8811.
  9. Mojito Bar: Sosua- Cabarete Highway, Puerto Plata, DR. (809)-571-9327.
  10. Onno’s Bar: Sosua- Cabarete Highway, Puerto Plata, DR. (809)-571-0461.

However, you decide to celebrate with your loved ones, we wish you a new year full of positivity, and hope you accomplish your goals this 2020.

Here is to a Fantastic 2020- Happy New Year!

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