The latest polar vortex brought the coldest air in a generation to the US Midwest and Canada last week. In the meanwhile, we enjoyed walking in the sand and a perfect climate here in Sosua, Dominican Republic. It inspired us to write an ultimate guide to Sosua beaches. The purpose of it is to help you discover what beach is better for surfing, souvenir shopping, snorkeling or just lazy sunbathing. The guide will help you learn which Sosua beach is connected with the Jewish heritage and what beach is a local art gallery. We hope this information will allow you to choose the best Sosua beach for you, according to your preferences.

Sosua Beach or Charamicos beach

Available activities: banana boating, snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing, kayak, paddle board, catamaran.


This moon-shaped 2 km long stretch of sand is the main attraction of Sosua. The biggest advantage of this beach is green trees that create perfect shade to hide from the hot Dominican sun. There are also a hundred of small bars, restaurants, souvenir and art shops behind the tree line. Thus walking along the Sosua beach feels like visiting an art gallery. Because many shops display local art style paintings, jewelry, statues and pieces of woodwork that can become your most authentic Dominican souvenir to take home. As for beach restaurants, they can serve food directly to your chaise lounge. While you’re enjoying an idyllic sunlight show on the surface of crystalline blue water.

Furthermore, anything that you won’t find at beach stores you will be likely to get from numerous street vendors. They constantly cruise the beach offering anything from local fruits, cigars, oysters to services such as massage, manicure and braiding. Charamicos beach gets overcrowded at the weekend and especially in the summer time. That’s why it’s recommended to visit it during the week. Another tip how to avoid battles for a spare beach chair is to settle closer to the eastern side of the beach. An extension of the beach was formed there last year when the ocean brought a new mass of sand.

Alicia Beach

Available activities: banana boating, body board surfing, beach volleyball, GY Fitness.


Alicia Beach is a complete opposite of the Sosua beach. First of all, it’s a much wider stretch of sand without trees and consequently shade. Thus beach umbrellas are a must if you don’t want to get sunburns. Secondly, there are much less people most of whom are foreigners and high/middle-class Dominicans from Santiago and Santo Domingo. Thirdly, there is no big variety of bars and restaurants. The only food provider is a bit expensive Waterfront Restaurant situated on a cliff overlooking the beach.

Fourthly, waves at Alicia Beach can get bigger than at the Sosua beach which creates perfect conditions for body board surfing. Fifthly, Alicia beach is much younger than Sosua beach. It was born in 2002 when the ocean receded back bringing up a new beach. You can read more about this phenomenon in our special blog post. But what makes Alicia beach outstanding is its historical memorial. There is a park and the Star of David monument situated on the cliff overlooking the beach. You can easily spot the white monument at the bottom right of the photo below. This memorial was dedicated to the Jewish immigrant families, founders of the town.

Casa Marina Beach


Adjacent to Alicia Beach, Casa Marina Beach has got its name after the all-inclusive hotel Casa Marina. You may think the beach is for exclusive use of the hotel’s clients. But the laws of the Dominican Republic say that all beaches in the country are public. No one can privatize a beach or deny access to it. That’s why the hotel administration had to leave an open path between their premises and Sosua by the Sea condos from the back David Stern street. So anyone without a hotel wristband can access the beach without any problem.

Nevertheless, you won’t be entitled to use the hotel’s installations, beach chairs, other equipment and limitless drinks at the bar. However, the beach is attractive for those looking for a quiet spot or international fellows from other countries. The water conditions are very similar to those of Alicia Beach. Probably the only difference is the beach size which affects the exposure to waves.

Playa Chiquita


Playa Chiquita is not only the name of a beach but also a whole oceanfront neighborhood. Big villas, mansions and massive land lots are characteristic of this area. Whereas the beach is on the contrary very small. That’s why it’s got the name ‘chiquita’ which means little in Spanish. It’s a little bit tricky to arrive to the beach. Your main reference points should be the Argentina street and Caribbean Diamond Hotel in front of which you’ll find a small walking trail.

The small beach attracts few people who mostly enjoy privacy and seclusion. There are no bars or restaurants around so you’ll need to take your food and drinks. Waves can get rough sometimes so it’s not the best place for beginners. Besides its small size, this beach has been very resistant to all storms and hurricanes that have affected in some or other way the other bigger Sosua beaches.

Laguna Beach

Available activities: surfing, body board surfing, jogging.


Facing Blue Green condos, Grand Laguna Beach Hotel and Bay Rock Condos, Laguna Beach represents a long wide strap of yellow-brownish sand. Few tourists know about this secluded beach. That’s why it’s mostly the homeowners from the mentioned condos who take advantage of this pristine beach. Locals are not frequent visitors to Laguna Beach either.

As you may guess and see from the photo, there are no beach chairs and restaurant service. Most of the time the beach is absolutely deserted. That makes it an ideal spot for jogging in the morning or walking your dogs. As a matter of curiosity, the state of Laguna Beach is very flexible during the year. In winter when big waves and surfing season come to the North Coast, the ocean washes out a big part of the sand. As a result, the beach shrinks up. But in summer it regains its normal size and attractiveness for visitors.

These are the top 5 Sosua beaches that we wanted to introduce to you. Which one is the best? You decide! The one thing we’re absolutely sure about is that you’ll enjoy anyone of them more than shoveling snow in your backyard. Would you like to go further of Sosua and learn more about the Dominican Republic North Coast beaches?