Inspired by the remarkable success of this year’s edition of the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival, we have decided to prepare a small guide on different art schools in the Dream City area. Any artistic talent needs training and time to develop and mature. On the North Coast you can find people who will be glad to provide professional help and support. We’ve previously shared with you Sosua and Cabarete places where you can learn or polish up your dancing skills. Now what about learning to sing, paint and play musical instruments?

FEDUJAZZ Foundation

Since we started with mentioning the Jazz Festival, it seems logical to open our guide with its strategic partner FEDUJAZZ Foundation. Established in 2015 in Cabarete, the foundation provides free music education to 7-18 year-old youngsters. Music theory lessons and guitar, drums and piano classes are offered absolutely free of charge. Moreover, international artists and Grammy award winners participating in the Jazz Festival also host workshops annually to share their knowledge and inspiration with the students. And probably the coolest thing is that children can take classes together with their parents. That helps to generate social exchange, work better in teams, enhance critical thinking skills, and pursue further education.

Casa de Arte

It’s another important partner of the Jazz Festival which you may remember from our secret cultural places guide. But this time we would like to highlight the educational program that they offer. Children of all ages are welcome to take painting, dancing, jewelry, violin and other musical instruments classes. Furthermore, the program includes weekly workshops dedicated to poetry, cinema, literature and water color drawing. The Sosua municipality choir also makes an integral part of the Casa de Arte establishment. We suggest that you follow them on Facebook to receive timely updates about all their classes and numerous interesting events.

Vino Pinto

Vino Pinto is an innovative art workshop primarily for adults. It’s basically 2 hour workshop to learn the watercolor painting techniques accompanied by a glass of wine, light appetizers and a good company. Everything starting from brushes to paper and palette is provided. You just need to come in good mood and ready to learn about color mixing, rendering light and shade, tonal value, and design. At the end you can take home your completed painting and positive impressions. The Vino Pinto workshop takes place every Thursday in Vagamundo Coffee at 6.30 pm. The participation cost is $900 RD.

Private Painting Classes

Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan is a talented artist who studied in the Art School of UASD, Puerto Plata. He has also successfully participated in varios expositions and shows. He is sharing his knowledge and passion for art at individual clases at a modest monthly price of $2500 RD per person.

Rosemary Grace

Rosemary is a traveling artist born in Texas, raised in Scotland and currently living in the Dominican Republic. She has been painting from a very young age following in the footsteps of her relatives, among which an artist, sculptor, illustrator and other talented people. Her forte is sketches but she also paints murals, faces, creates different art works and works on commissions. You can often find her amazing works at Lax Ojo Sunday Market. But the reason why we decided to recommend her is that Rosemary gives private lessons to those willing to learn how to master a pencil or brush. The price is $25 US per hour but varies depending on the number of students and their needs.

As Thomas Merton once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” So we hope this guide will help you to find yourself and lose yourself taking one of these art classes.

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