Our Mission: Help the children smile…
Children can be overwhelmed by the complexities of life that are pushed by older generations. Children need the space and time to grow and come to their own understanding of the important things in life. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine and along the way they need that medicine, regularly, to give relief from the pressures of growing into adulthood.

We also have a broader mission:
We know that tourism is an important industry here in the Dominican Republic. We know that learning English will help. That is why we will open a training center, not only to teach English, but to train basic business skills to increase the value of the employee and his work to his employer.

Our ultimate goal is to create more jobs for the Dominican Republic. We know that the sustenance of a man and, what is more important, his self-esteem, depends on his ability to maintain a job and to contribute a grain of sand to create a better society. Our goal is to help and we are grateful for the opportunity to bring a better economy to the people we have personally embraced as our friends.

We Bring Happiness To Hundreds Of Children In Urban And More Remote Places Along The Northern Coast Of The Dominican Republic.