In one of our posts in Facebook back in January, we shared the news about the start of the reconstruction works of the commercial port in Puerto Plata. The goal is to remodel it and make it also a cruise ship terminal which will have the name of Taino Bay. If you wonder what the word “Taino” means, don’t hesitate to check one of our free eBooks where we talk about Taino-inspired souvenirs. Now we’d like to share some follow-up news about the works progress.

According to the presentation of the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Julio Almonte, in the UTESA University last week, the Taino Bay terminal will receive the first passengers in July 2020. The popular American cruise line Virgin Voyages has already opened the sales for this itinerary. Taino Bay is expected to receive around 650,000 visitors in its first year of operation.

The triumphal success of the other Puerto Plata port, Amber Cove, inspires a lot of hope and high expectations for Taino Bay. In 2015 when it was opened, Amber Cove received 20 cruises. Then the number of transatlantic vessels arriving to the terminal has been growing exponentially from 120 in 2016 to 163 tourist boats in 2017. Though only 154 cruise ships disembarked in Amber Cove in 2018, they brought the biggest number of passengers in its history. Thus, Puerto Plata received 658,000 cruise passengers or more than a half from the million of visitors who arrived to the Dominican Republic by sea in 2018.

It’s projected that Amber Cove will welcome about 700,000 international guests next year, whereas Taino Bay will get 650,000 visitors. In total, that will give 1,350,000 cruise passengers arriving to the Dominican Republic through the Puerto Plata terminals.

This news confirms the marked tendency that the Puerto Plata region is transforming into a major tourism destination in the country. International investors are turning to the region and are ready to get into the tourism development. We’ve even prepared a special free eBook summarizing main reasons why the Dominican North Coast is attractive for international investors. Just click here to get it for FREE.

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