The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is a fascinating area surrounded by amazing landscapes; winter never comes to this land which has 365 days of pleasant weather. If you live in Canada, treat yourself to an incredible and warm vacation in paradise because there are plenty of flights to choose from.

Canadian Flights to the North Coast of DR

From mid-December to mid-April, it is high season for North American tourists. Consequently, during this period many Canadian flights are added, not to mention, the warm weather is the perfect excuse to plan a winter getaway even for a week or two.

Below are Canadian flights to the North Coast. Moreover, you can visit their websites to find out about vacation packages with attractive prices.

Air Canada

Flight Number Day (s) City
AC-1823 Mon, Wed, Sun Montreal
AC-1821 Mon, Tues, Sat Toronto


Flight Number Day (s) City
WS-2507 Daily (Except Thursday) Toronto

Air Transat

Flight Number Day (s) City
TS-787 Monday Toronto
TS-513 Monday Montreal
TS-645 Wednesday Montreal
TS-795 Wednesday Toronto
TS-503 Thursday Quebec
TS-137 Thursday Montreal
TS-2815 Thursday London
TS-2843 Friday Ottawa
TS-167 Friday Toronto
TS-807 Friday Montreal
TS-129 Saturday Montreal
TS-593 Sunday Toronto


Flight Number Day (s) City
WG-415 Monday & Saturday Montreal
WG-465 Monday Toronto
WG-413 Monday Toronto
WG-417 Tuesday Ottawa
WG-419 Tuesday Saguenay & Quebec
WG-409 Tuesday Toronto
WG-203 Thursday Regina via CCC
WG-251 Thursday Winnipeg
WG-217 Thursday Saskatoon via CCC
WG-471 Sun, Tues, Thurs Montreal
WG-411 Sunday & Thursday Toronto

Excursions in Puerto Plata 

When you travel to another country, one of the main things to explore is its culture, beaches, historical places, etc. Puerto Plata province is a complete vacation destination in DR.

Besides, there are many excursions to do in the area. You can book your activities with travel companies, specialized tour operators, or explore this beautiful destination on your own. Click here to find out which are the most popular excursions in the province of Puerto Plata.

Buying Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

Time flies when you are on vacation, therefore one or two weeks might seem to be a short amount of time. But on the other hand, you could have an endless vacation and live in one of the most relaxing places in the world. Here on the North Coast, you will be welcomed by friendly people who will make you feel at home. This is one of the main reasons why many tourists travel to this zone more than once, while others become residents and invest in real estate.

Puerto Plata is an excellent destination to invest in real estate because you can find very affordable prices, in addition to a pleasant environment influenced by the genuinely warm-hearted residents.

Dream City will be located right in the heart of the North Coast, in the province of Puerto Plata, merely five minutes away from Puerto Plata International Airport (POP).

What are you waiting for? You can trade your boots and coats for bathing suits and flip flops in a single click. The North Coast of the Dominican Republic awaits you!

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