Can You Answer That Question?

Don’t be surprised, but there are many travelers out there that don’t know the correct answer. It’s the Dominican Republic. That’s just one of it’s “Firsts” the island can claim. There are many more:

  • First landing place of Christopher Columbus in the New World
  • First city in the New World—Zona Colonial
  • First cathedral in the New World
  • First monastery in the New World
  • First street in the New World
  • First royal court in the New World
  • First university in the New World
  • #1 tourist destination in the Caribbean
  • Longest river in the Caribbean
  • Tallest mountain in the Caribbean (which affects the weather and helps divert hurricanes)
  • Second-fastest-growing economy in Central America after Panama (and the DR has no canal)
  • The Samaná Peninsula has more palm trees per mile than any other Caribbean location
  • One of the first Free Trade Zones in the Caribbean

Just in case you’re wondering where in the World the Dominican Republic is located…

Physical location map of Dominican Republic, highlighted continent.

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