Are you thinking of booking your Dominican Republic vacation? Have you already booked it? Are you wondering what you should bring to the DR? Yes? Then, this list is for you!

The Dominican Republic lies in the heart of the Caribbean. It occupies two-thirds of Hispaniola Island (shared with Haiti). From north to south, and in every corner, it offers a wide range of activities and attractions, so it is an ideal destination for anyone who wants to have a fun-filled vacation. 

1 – Dominican Pesos and/or US Dollars

The official currency of the country is the Dominican peso. Therefore, it is more convenient to carry local currency. Throughout the country, there are ATMs where you can withdraw money from your card. But keep in mind that even if your card is in US dollars, ATMs only provide pesos.

Another option is to bring US dollars since this currency is accepted as much as pesos. We recommend that you bring small notes (1 dollar is equivalent to 50 pesos). Bring low denominations (not coins) for tips. You can tip in pesos or dollars. 

2 – Sunscreen

The DR is a stunning tropical country, surrounded by scenic coasts, and a summer that lasts 365 days. As expected, sunscreens are in high demand, which is why they tend to be a bit more expensive compared to the United States or Canada. Bringing your own sunscreen lotion is a tip that will not only save you time and money, but will save your skin during your Dominican vacation. 

3 – Insect Repellent

There is extraordinary and impressive nature in the DR. Because this is a tropical country filled with lush vegetation, mosquitoes are part of this natural environment. And even if it does not make any sense, for whatever reason they seem to be attracted to foreign blood, that is why insect repellent is a MUST-HAVE.

4 – Travel Insurance

This is perhaps the least exciting part of your pre-vacation arrangements, but it is a valuable investment. In the event that you get sick or have an emergency, you will be glad to know you are covered. Check our previous post about “The top five online travel insurance companies.”

5 – Basic Medication

It is important to think ahead. The medical service in the Dominican Republic is reasonably efficient, and most medical centers work with international insurance companies. But, it is always recommended to bring first-aid type of medications, no matter which country you are traveling to.

Some of the medications we advise you to keep in mind are motion sickness remedies, allergy pills, cold medicines, pain relievers, band-aids, vitamins, prescription medications, among others.

6 – Travel Adapter and Converter (Especially if you are traveling from Europe)

If you travel to another country without an adapter, you will be hard-pressed to charge your devices without buying an expensive adapter. You will thank yourself if you do so before traveling, as it will save you a lot of stress, potentially time and money. Our recommendation is a universal plug adapter

7- Portable Charger

Another time-saving item is a portable charger. It will help you a lot when you are out all day, for example, on an excursion, having this charger will help you keep your devices well charged.

8 – Beachwear

One of the most common questions that travelers ask is what is the attire in the Dominican Republic. The weather is generally hot and humid all year round, so leave your winter clothes at home. Lightweight and breathable fabrics are the most comfortable in a tropical climate, sundresses, shorts, and T-shirts are the outfits of choice for most visitors. Besides your swimsuits, make sure to bring something to cover up with when you travel to and from the beach. 

Sandals and/or water shoes are generally the most convenient footwear for the Dominican Republic. Last but not least, sunglasses and hats are ideal for protection against the intense sun in DR. 

9 – Spanish/English Dictionary and or Travel Guide

Spanish is the official language of DR. Most Dominicans who live in tourist areas such as Puerto Plata, Cabarete, and Samana speak basic English (these cities are located in the northern part of the island). However, it is always useful to know basic words in Spanish. If you find yourself in situations with language barriers, do not panic! Dominicans are so friendly that they will always look for ways to help you. Click here to get some basic Spanish lessons for free! Also, Google Translate app is quite handy. 

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Also, find a travel guide who can help you plan road excursions on your own besides providing you with some local information. Click here to learn how to rent a car in the Dominican Republic. 

10 – A Big Smile!

Dominicans are well known for being one of the friendliest people in the world. Having a big smile is key in getting along with energetic Dominicans. In fact, this is the reason why many foreigners keep returning to DR. The friendliest residents can be found on the north coast. This is a factor why many prefer this destination before Punta Cana.

dominican republic vacation

What You Do not  Need to Bring For Your Dominican Republic Vacation:

  • Heavy books, fancy shoes, and other items. Keep your suitcase light as this will save you some money. 
  • Towels. Hotels will provide you with both bath and pool towels, plus they are very heavy and occupy tons of space. 

Important Information Regarding Your Dominican Republic Vacation

  • All US, Canadian, European, and British citizens traveling to the Dominican Republic must hold a valid passport. A tourist card, available at the Dominican Embassy or upon arrival in the country, must be purchased to grant tourists entry into the country. Although, we recommend buying the tourist card upon arrival as sometimes when you bring the tourist card purchased, the confirmation process might take awhile. Please be advised you need to pay the following customs fees:
  1. 10 USD tourist card (Upon arrival)
  2. 20 USD departure tax (At departure)

(Some airlines may include this in their fare.)

Using Roaming in the Dominican Republic.

Depending on where you are coming from, using roaming may or may not be suitable for your finance. For example, if you are coming from the US and your mobile company is Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon, you should have free unlimited texting and unlimited 2G data. Calling should be 20 cents/min. You just need to enable data roaming and make sure that Global Roaming is enabled on your plan. High-speed data passes are $5/day or $25/week. 

If you are coming from the UK, roaming may be a bit expensive. To call a UK or Dominican number is £2 per minute. Texts cost 35 p per minute, and to receive calls from any number is £1.25 per minute. This might vary depending on the company. 

It is all going to depend on where you are coming from and your mobile carrier. In any case, we recommend checking with your company prior to departure. 

Flights to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

The DR is easily accessible via direct flights. To learn more about flights operating all year round on the North Coast, please click here. Moreover, it is the peak season for Canadian tourists in this destination, and with 26 Canadian Flights to Puerto Plata International Airport, you can definitely escape from winter! Do not wait any longer, come and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. 

On behalf of Dream City, we hope you have an exceptional stay in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

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