In our previous post, we expressed that the North Coast of the Dominican Republic is a complete area, offering you something enjoyable all year round. Nevertheless, after explaining to you all the wonderful things that this area has, it is our pleasure to inform you how to get here. In this article, you will find out about 10 airlines with direct flights to Puerto Plata International Airport (POP).

Dream City will be located just 2 miles away from this airport. That’s why, it will be the most convenient option for your vacation or permanent stay.

At Puerto Plata International Airport , you can enjoy the following facilities:

  • Two VIP lounges
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Snack Restaurants and Bars
  • Post Office
  • ATM
  • Exchange Office
  • Taxi Service
  • Free Luggage Carts

List of airlines that visit directly The Puerto Plata International Airport.

We have created a list without any specific order, where we have included relevant information such as: operational days, cities, and so on. Should you require more information, please visit their webpages. All of these companies offer a wide range of products, from flight seats to excursion tickets.

  1. Sunwing: This Canadian airline flies on Tuesdays, from Toronto (YYZ), Quebec (YQB), and Montreal (YUL). In addition, more favorable airfares can be found during the low season. Like the majority of Canadian Airlines, Sunwing is going to have more flights added after December.

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  2. Air Transat: This is another Canadian company. You can choose from two flights which are both on Fridays: one from Toronto (YYZ) and one from Montreal (YUL). Please check the link below to find out about times and prices.
  3. Jet Blue: This renowned American company offers a daily flight from New York (JFK). The price of your seat will depend on the season you are booking it. Their program is pretty much the same all year round.
  4. Caicos Express Airways: This airline began its operations in Santo Domingo back in 2017. Afterwards, due to high demand, they added flights to Santiago, and recently to Puerto Plata where they offer a direct flight from Providenciales (PLS), on Fridays.
  5. American Airlines: With a fixed operation all year round, this airline offers a daily flight from Miami. Many people book this flight as a connection with other cities that do not fly to Puerto Plata.
  6. Eurowings: The most convenient way to travel from Europe to the North Coast is by Eurowings. This German airline operates on Tuesdays and Fridays from Dusseldorf.
  7. WestJet: Another Canadian company worth mentioning is WestJet. They fly on Tuesdays and Saturdays from Toronto. Please check the link below to find out about times and prices.
  8. Air Canada: They offer a flight on Tuesdays from Toronto and one on Wednesdays from Montreal. Please check the link below to find out about times and prices.
  9.  TUI Belgium: This airline offers a direct flight from Brussels every Sunday, another convenient option if you want to fly from Europe.
  10. Nordwing Airlines: This company has only one flight every other Sunday from Moscow, Sheremetyevo, Russia. For more information, please click on the link below.

Aditional Information About POP Airport

Isn’t your city on the list? Don’t worry, you can book a connecting flight to one of the cities that we mentioned above. On the other hand, you can also travel through the Airport of Santiago, which is located just 44 miles away. In conclusion, it doesn’t matter where you are, it is always possible to fly to Puerto Plata. Experience the unique paradise that can only be found in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Flight Times to Puerto Plata International Airport (POP)
City Flight Time
New York 3 hrs
Miami 1 hr 40 min
Pittsburgh 3 hrs 33 min
Boston 3 hrs 38 min
Toronto 3 hrs 29 min
Montreal 3 hrs 55 min
Dusseldorf 10 hrs 16 min
Brussels 8 hrs 30 min
Helsinki 11 hrs 10 min
Moscow 11 hrs 10 min

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