Dream City, A Puerto Plata
Real Estate & Resort Future Destination.

We Envision Dream City as a World-Class Puerto Plata Real Estate and Resort Destination.
Dream City is a Planned, Secure Residential and Commercial Community
in the Northern Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Naturalized lagoons, rivers, and waterfalls will provide serene relaxation and active water play. Saltwater coves will create opportunities for education and exploration. Unique dining, shopping, and entertainment experiences will attract both residents and visitors. The gradual slope of the terrain toward the rocky shoreline and cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean will provide one-of-a-kind vistas from the ground level town center to the elevated residential and hotel units.

Why The North Coast of the Dominican Republic

The Culture, the people and many other opportunities. Learn the reasons why the North Coast of The DR is the best place for our project.

Where will Dream City be located?

On one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Dream City will be only 5 minutes away from Puerto Plata International Airport.

What to know about the North Coast?

With our Blog, learn what’s happening on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, from events, where to go, and much more.

Dream City Puerto Plata Resort

This residential and commercial community in the Dominican Republic will include a Puerto Plata Resort with 5-Star amenities for all ages. Thus, providing everything you need for your Puerto Plata Dominican Republic Vacations.

Dominican Republic Vacations with Dream City

With Dream City, your Dominican Republic vacations will be special. All the needs of visitors and residents have been taken into account to ensure that all of our customers will have the best time of their lives.

Puerto Plata Real Estate

The relaxed and stress-free lifestyle makes the north coast a perfect location to relocate or retire. Thanks to the affordable prices and excellent service, Puerto Plata Real Estate makes paradise accessible for everybody. Don’t just visit Puerto Plata, move here!

Dream City Introduction Video

A complete overview of the project

News & Events

Stay up to date with what is happening in the north coast on Puerto Plata Dominican Republic.

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Dream City Master Plan

For a larger view please click anywhere on the masterplan.

Strategically located, 421 Acres of an oceanfront parcel with 2KM of coastline with spectaculars views of the Atlantic Ocean, this is the project of your dreams.

Dream City Land as it is today.

Dream City / Las Lomas Land as it is Today